About Hiring Partners

Celebrity Cruises has a network of hiring partners to assist in meeting recruitment goals around the world. Hiring partners are third party service providers; they are not employees of our company.

Only those listed on this site are authorized to recruit for our company. If you received a solicitation from a company that is not listed on our site, please report it to scams@rccl.com. Click here to see a list of reported scams.

The hiring partner's responsibilities are to source, pre-screen, and present qualified applicants for final approval by a recruiter from our team. The hiring partner does not have the authority to hire applicants or decide on an assignment for approved applicants. They are acting on instruction from our recruitment or scheduling teams.

Once an applicant receives a ship assignment, the hiring partner will issue a Letter of Employment as instructed by a Celebrity Cruises scheduler. The hiring partner will assist new hires with their visa applications, and provide guidance for medical and travel arrangements. They also provide company orientation and information about shipboard life.

After the new hires join their assigned ship, they become employees of our company and will work directly with the Human Resource office on the ship and their scheduler for future assignments.

Celebrity Cruises pays their hiring partners for their services and does not allow the collection of administrative fees, agency fees, or processing fees from job applicants. Once approved by a Recruiter, there are costs involved with joining the ship (passport, seaman’s books, national identification documents, medicals, airlines tickets, certifications and license as required for the position) but there is no fee associated with obtaining an interview, position or ship assignment with the company. If you successfully complete all of the requirements and are able to join your assigned ship, the cost of travel visa(s) will be reimbursed once you join the ship, services charges or associated fees for obtaining the visa are not eligible for reimbursement.

If you suspect or or know you are being asked to pay or offer a bribe for or on RCL’s behalf, we encourage you to report it to our scams hotline: 1-855-292-4685 or email us at scams@rccl.com.

If you are interested in a job with our company that is not listed on this website, we invite you to contact one of our hiring partners. Please only contact the hiring partner closest to your permanent address. Submitting applications to more than one hiring partner could result in your disqualification as a candidate.

Thank you again for your interest in Celebrity Cruises.