Our Nautical Operations Department oversees the navigation and safety of the ships. We are always in compliance with external regulatory requirements such as Safety of Life At Sea regulations, the United States Code of Federal Regulations, Port State Control regulations, and Classification Society and Flag Administration regulations, as well as additional internal requirements, including our company's Safety Management Systems.

The dedicated crew members who work in the nautical department are highly skilled and qualified seafarers; we hold Master Mariner's licenses and have extensive shipboard experience and years of service. Among many other responsibilities, we carry out Navigation and Safety Audits, vet new ports of call, follow up on weather forecasts (especially when hurricanes/storms may pose threat to the vessels' itineraries), organize proper training of all Bridge Officers, participate in the design of new itineraries, and liaise with Class and Flag on all non-technical issues.

And although our team tirelessly focuses on their greatest priority - the ship's safety and the well-being of those onboard, we also never lose focus of the importance of our roles as ambassadors to our guests. We, the Master (Captain), Staff Captain, and other officers/nautical team members also enjoy interacting with guests, and facilitating a culture of commitment to the brand's essence of safety, service, and style.

If you want to be a part of this extraordinary team, we invite you to consider one of our exciting career opportunities.