Be supremely spoiled in an unspoiled land

Drink in the splendor of the Alaskan wilderness as you sip cappuccino from your private veranda. Bears. Bald eagles. And hump back whales breaking the surf. Mother Nature's favorite zoo roams as free as you will. From the breathtaking sights of Hubbard Glacier to the pioneering spirit of Juneau, Celebrity Alaska is an expedition in rekindling your hidden, untamed soul.



Feel the exhilaration of Asia as you pull into port

Celebrity adds Asia to our list of exciting destinations. From bustling, modern cities to quiet, mist-shrouded jungles, the Far East is a place of beauty, history and mystery. Celebrity Millennium® will now transport you to Asia in magnificent, luxurious style. She'll visit nine breathtaking locations including Vietnam, Thailand, China, Bali and more. Sail between Singapore and Hong Kong with overnight calls in Bangkok, Thailand; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; and the majestic Halong Bay, Vietnam.


Australia / New Zealand

Uplift your spirit in the land Down Under

It's more than koalas and kangaroos. It's an emotional impact of incredible modern architecture, fascinating aborigine and Maori culture, and miles of breathtaking coastlines. Ascend into the mountains and ancient forests and experience the thrill of exploring active volcanoes. Even shopping will be an exhilarating experience through the fashionable district of Auckland, before stretching out on your veranda and watching the sun wash over Sydney's famed harbor.



A day spent here is anything but ordinary

It's parasailing over the bluest waters and whitest sand beaches you've ever seen. Realizing your dream of swimming with the dolphins. Or stretched out on a lounge chair on a quiet beach. A book in one hand, a frozen cocktail in the other. And your reading is bookmarked with naps and ocean dips on private shores.



Unwinding is easy in warm ocean breezes

Enjoy alfresco dining aboard your ship and off, because Bermuda's ocean breezes amplify every outdoor activity. Take in a cricket match or sip afternoon tea in true British style. Stroll cobblestone streets among a backdrop of colorfully-painted cottages and spectacular island vistas.

From the historic architecture of the capital city of Hamilton, to the postcard-come-to-life appeal of St. George's, you'll delight in the natural wonder, culture and history of this remarkable island paradise. And you'll have plenty of conversation starters at dinner with your friends onboard.


Canada / New England

Catch a 10-lb. lobster after departing your 5-star ship

Onboard we serve the catch of the day, perhaps you're ready to be the one to catch it. Voyage through the vast waters of the Atlantic to lovely ports in Canada and New England. Rich with museums, galleries, historic sights and of course, fishing boat excursions.

Live a greener lifestyle by peddling through rolling hills on a bicycle. Rekindle your romance with an unforgettable picnic near the edge of a seaside cliff. Or climb a spiral of stairs to view the seas crashing against the rocks from a historic lighthouse. Then view the landscape of your day’s adventure from your private veranda.



Where doing everything and doing nothing play nicely together

Whether you prefer the thrill of parasailing - soaring 800 feet over the beaches below - or just basking on those beaches, Celebrity offers the perfect activity for every sun lover.

Enjoy some of the world's most visually stunning beaches, explore villages for unique treasures, or excite your inner adventurer with tours both on land and sea. Finish the perfect day with a refreshing cocktail and sumptuous seafood fare, as you watch the sun melt into the blue horizon.



No matter how much time you have, there will always be something to go back and see

It's the region of 'mosts.' The most romantic cities. The most fashion forward. The most delicious foods. And the most sought after travel destinations delivered in a way that makes the most of your vacation time.

Arriving in Europe, explore lands rich in romantic languages, classic architecture, food, art and music for one or multiple days at a time. You can hop from port-to-port, or take a Cruisetour, which allows you to have more land time to explore. So you can spend time enjoying centuries-old treasures on land and return to luxurious accommodations onboard to restore the new you.



Take a journey back in time with modern day luxuries

Many destinations promise visitors the chance to "step back into history." The Galapagos Islands perhaps best exemplifies that promise, as we take you to a destination that helped shape one of the world's leading scientific doctrines.

Known as the inspiration for Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, this cluster of islands is so isolated that many of its creatures cannot be found anywhere else on Earth. From the giant tortoises to the marine iguanas and finches, the Galapagos islands afford you the chance to observe a living laboratory of adaptation.



E komo mai

Hawaiian for "Our house is your house," and what a house it is. From palm-fringed beaches and indescribable sunsets, to emerald green rainforests and thunderous volcanoes. Experience a land that is open and welcoming, yet marbled with mystery. Whether your vision of Hawaii conjures up images of moonlit beaches or dancers taming batons of fire, you'll see the Hawaii of your imagination and the Hawaii that will defy it.

The fireworks of Earth

Lean back into a front row seat on your private veranda as the night's activities heat up to 1800°F. Cruise past a lava spectacular bursting from Earth and hissing into the cool ocean below



Sail on a ship as breathtaking as the Redwood Forests

From harbor to harbor you'll encounter man-made and nature-made Earthly wonders.


Panama Canal

Sail aboard a man-made wonder as you sail through one

Stand face-to-face with the grandeur of the Panama Canal aboard Celebrity Cruises. The only cruise that gives you a full vacation while crossing the Continental Divide.

When your Celebrity ship enters the canal, it will rise 85 feet in one of the legendary Gatun Locks. As you cross the Continental Divide - a journey that took mariners of long ago many years to complete - a new world of wonder and amazement awaits you on the other side. Join us for what will undoubtedly be an enlightening and rewarding journey.

south america

South America

Head south for the winter

Toss out the parkas and wool socks and head to warm, uninhibited South America. It's cities full of excitement with décor as colorful as the locals and music that will have you dancing in the streets. Then, there is the wild and untamed side of a different sort. Rain forests, wildlife and staggering mountain peaks that reach high into the sky.

You'll get the most out of visiting this exotic and diverse destination, stretching from the world's highest waterfall to the land's end in Tierra del Fuego. Bask in the living mosaic of inviting people, natural wonder and unforgettable moments.



Cross the Atlantic in a style that says you've arrived

Your sanctuary floats on water as you cross the great Atlantic Ocean on your way to or from exciting European destinations.

Enjoy contemporary luxuries on your way to or from the Old World with day-long spa treatments. Feast on gourmet meals in our inspired restaurants. And have every whim catered to with a staff of nearly one crew member to every two guests.



Exhale. Fifteen days to nirvana.

Your sanctuary floats on water as you cross the great Pacific Ocean on your way from Shanghai, China, to Seward, Alaska with memorable visits to Japan and Russia in between. Celebrity Millennium© will have just been "Solsticized" and will be more luxurious than ever as she takes you on your journey. Her revitalization brings onboard new AquaClass spa-inspired staterooms, suites with verandas, a Celebrity iLoungeSM to keep you in touch with the rest of the world and a chic Martini Bar which will be the new epicenter of shipboard socializing.

Enjoy the ultimate in rejuvenation as you cross the ocean with day-long spa treatments. Feasting on gourmet meals in a variety of inspired restaurants. And having every whim catered to with a staff of nearly one crewmember to every two guests.

Sound amazing? We thought so.