We are operating a fleet of the latest technologically advanced cruise ships worldwide, and for each of the nearly 1,200 marine professionals across our fleet who help to optimize the efficiency and operation of these vessels (which consistently exceed all environmental regulations), the safety of guests and crew is our greatest priority.

Throughout the years, we have been closely involved with the development of the latest generation in propulsion systems (PODS), electric propulsion, combined gas turbines and diesel electric systems, as well as with more traditional ship designs. In our continuing effort to exceed all environmental regulations, we were also the first to implement and certify bio-diesel fuel operation into our gas turbine engines. Additionally, in response to escalating gas prices, we have retro-fitted additional high efficiency diesel engines to be operated as port generators. These projects have involved shipyards, naval architects, and designers during the planning and design phases, and have been implemented, almost exclusively, by our fellow highly skilled shipboard marine professionals.

But that's not all we do! Even as we keep expanding our fleet with new and larger vessels, we are also executing a complete revitalization of our existing fleet. And working together with interior designers and architects, we collaborate to refresh and refurbish all public spaces throughout our Century and Millennium class ships, while also helping to further enhance the guest experience by installing new high-end and modern venues like the Ice Bar and the Glassblowing Experience onboard our Solstice class ships.

We would not be able to meet all of these goals if each and every member of the marine team, shipboard and shoreside alike, were not of the highest caliber, and truly among the best professionals in the field. Our team members love Celebrity Cruises, and we are proud that ours is among the highest retention rates in the industry. Further, because we believe in promoting professional advancement within our teams, we build upon each team member's existing talents and qualifications through continuous training and development. We find it rewarding to see our apprentices progressing throughout the years, and celebrate their promotions to the positions of chief engineers and chief electricians, as they embrace their important roles in the expansion of our fleet, and success of our spectacular vessels.

Think you might want to be a part of this elite team? We invite you to explore our exciting opportunities!